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"Some guys hunt, some guys fish...I just like to play music."

Doug Davis was that guy in school who would sit in the back of the classroom at lunch, play guitar and sing John Denver and Paul Simon songs for his friends. But that was just the beginning.

He has been a musical chameleon his whole life, including:

  • A solo artist performing great tunes that everyone knows from rock, folk, blues, and country genres.

  • A published songwriter who has written over 90 songs

  • A studio session musician

  • Lead singer and Keyboardist/Guitarist in several rock bands, including current band, The House (70s rock tribute)

  • Worship Leader at one of the largest churches in North Georgia

  • Record store night manager (yep...that too)

Between shows, he can be found in his Atlanta home, where he is constantly working on new songs and wearing the old classic ones like a pair of well-worn shoes.​ Not seeking fame or fortune, but just wanting to share musical joy with an audience. So they can, as Billy Joel put it, "Forget about life for a while." 

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